The River at Portland Church | Portland, TN

That Move Pastor Has Been Talking About

I do believe the River At Portland will open the North Gate, like a flood (we are The River). However, the flood which we could call revival only happens when revival comes to each of us. We are the revival. The revival must be in you, we become a carrier of the move of The Holy Spirit. A hunger so deep you just want to scream, and you do when He touches you. Have experienced, heard and witnessed the infilling of the Holy Spirit and it brings a profound, unearthly peace. That peace does not solve the worlds or your friends problems but it sure helps you walk through them. If any believe and have received but have lost a sense of peace it is a good time to renew your vows to His covenant with a fresh filling. Pastor has ask that we pray for this awakening, the North Gate. I personally believe this is our time our hour to shower the heavenlies and raze hell. Pastor once said in a sermon yeaaaars ago, “I don’t mean r-a-i-s-e hell I mean r-a-z-e hell”. I had an encounter that day. It is time to raze hell. Another quote, “Ask not what God can do for you but can you do for your God”. Too many times we are wanting something from God. We ask but we ask amiss.

More on this later. Billy

PS We now have a way to make donations on-line for missions (Under Youth) and the first mission is possibly to Jamaica.

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