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  1. That Move Pastor Has Been Talking About

    I do believe the River At Portland will open the North Gate, like a flood (we are The River). However, the flood which we could call revival only happens when revival comes to each of us. We are the revival. The revival must be in you, we become a carrier of the move of The Holy Spirit. A hunger so deep you just want to scream, and you do when He touches you. Have experienced, heard and witnessed the infilling of the Holy Spirit and it brings a profound, unearthly peace. That peace does not solve the worlds or your friends problems but it sure helps you walk through them. If any believe and have received but have lost a sense of peace it is a good time to renew your vows to His covenant with a fresh filling. Pastor has ask that we pray for this awakening, the North Gate. I personally believe this is our time our hour to shower the heavenlies and raze hell. Pastor once said in a sermon yeaaaars ago, “I don’t mean r-a-i-s-e hell I mean r-a-z-e hell”. I had an encounter that day. It is time to raze hell. Another quote, “Ask not what God can do for you but can you do for your God”. Too many times we are wanting something from God. We ask but we ask amiss.

    More on this later. Billy

    PS We now have a way to make donations on-line for missions (Under Youth) and the first mission is possibly to Jamaica.

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  2. Sunday 7/16/2017

    What can you say about today? You should have been here! Visiting Pastor John Hite and family filling in for pastor Herb as Pastor was in New Johnsonville.
    Pastor John came with an anointing to teach and minister on “The Laying On Of Hands”. He did! Pastor John, The River thanks you for spending time alone with God to be able to minister to others in such a wonderful, powerful fashion.

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  3. Wednesday 7/12

    No Wednesday night service this week and for the rest of the month. But, in the mean time, “study to show thyself approved”. No church, no person, no government, no organization can give you what you must pursue for yourself. That is why and how it becomes personal! Finding your “secret place”, that place where it is between you and Him and not you and them.

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  4. Sunday Morning Service July 2nd

    Powerful, wonderful, amazing, overwhelming are a few words that could describe the service at The River this morning. But, then again, our God is all that and more. So many touched by the power of God this morning. So many hungry for His presence, what joy! Hunger fuels the fire and worship ignites it.

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  5. Sunday July 2nd

    Expect a great day Sunday and prepare to meet the need that is in your future by learning you authority and why God cannot override YOUR authority. He gave it to you and will not/cannot take it back. Mark 13:34: “For the Son of Man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.” He gave AUTHORITY to his servants and to every man his work. Authority means the right to command obedience, the right to enforce obedience, and the right to act officially. Saints, God cannot intervene in what He has already given us the authority to do. If we are begging God to do something about a situation He cannot intervene or override the authority given to man. He gave us the authority to take command of the situation. You speak to the mountain, you tell satin to flee. If you are waiting for God to move perhaps it you that need to move you mouth. “Death and life is in the power of the tongue”. Speak death to that cancer, speak death to depression, SPEAK!

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  6. Wednesday Night 6/28

    Starts at 7:00. Continuing on the Holy Spirit Baptism. Pastor said Sunday, “The best counselor in the world is right up front”. On any Sunday when the invitation is given is the time to come and receive what God has in store for you, it will be what you need most at the time. Be faithful and He will be faithful. What He has done for one He will do for another, He is NO respecter of persons. However, YOU must be the one to act to recieve! What moves the Spirit of God, YOU, when you make a move.

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  7. Sunday 6/25/17 11:00 AM

    Could you be missing out on the most wonderful part of life? “And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why sit we here until we die?”
    You will only get what you go after. Just like the blind Bartimaeus. “Son of David, have pity on me!” Many people told the man to stop, but he shouted even louder, “Son of David, have pity on me!” Bartimaeus did not listen when told to hush. Instead of shut up, he got up and called out JESUS! Under the anointing you need to get up, come up and begin to grow up in Him. Perhaps you have been told, God don’t do that, it don’t work that way, that all ended with the disciples, we don’t need that, we don’t believe that, healing is not for today, tongues are of the devil and on and on. Well, you can listen to that or find out for yourself! It will most likely not happen sitting in your seat.

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  8. The River Service June 18th

    Another wonderful service at The River today. Several touched by the Holy Spirit. Several visitors came but one in particular, that had never experienced such, loved it. Came in with an open mind left wanting more. Said there was such a peace in the place, people that came and welcomed her seemed genuine without some hidden agenda. Just loved on her, great people. Also, so blessed to have a great gift at The River, wonderful musicians and singers.

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